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Material Aid Offering – Today – Sunday 9 September
Muesli bars, ‘UP&GOs’, noodles in a cup and pens and pencils are all welcome and will go to support the Brentwood Secondary College’s Wellbeing Department.

An Afternoon with Free Spirit – Today – Sunday 9 September
All are invited enjoy an afternoon with Free Spirit from 2.30pm on Sunday 9 September.  Admission is $25 Adult and $20 Concession which includes afternoon tea.  Tickets are available from the Office or Vida Foo. All funds raised support our Church programs and activities.

September Issue of NewView – Closing Date Friday 21 September
Please send in reflections, photos, anecdotes, poems and reports of activities in our church community to the office.

Moon Festival – Saturday 22 September
If you would like to help with the Moon Festival Celebration please sign up on the sheet outside the office.  We need people to assist with craft, setting up and packing up, and sitting and chatting over a cuppa.

Delivery of Fete Leaflets – Volunteers Needed
Please add your name to the list on the office counter if you can help to deliver leaflets for our fete.  We need about 50 people to letterbox-drop 13,000 leaflets during the second week of October.  If you delivered leaflets for last year’s fete, please tick or cross out your name on the list, depending on whether you can assist again this year.