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Multicultural Ministry


The Glen Waverley Uniting Church has an Indonesian fellowship that worships at 1:00pm on Sundays followed by a meal. This worship is in Indonesian and English alternative weeks. There is a Communion service each month.  For more information contact Lucky Kalonta(kalonta@hotmail.com).

Bahasa Indonesia

Gereja Glen Waverley Uniting Church sekarang mempunyai sekelompok anggota jemaat orang Indonesia yang datang berbakti pada hari Minggu jam 1:00 siang dilanjutkan dengan makan dan minum di ruang fellowship Gereja.

Kebaktian ini diselenggarakan baik dalam Bahasa Indonesia maupun dalam Bahasa Inggris bergantian. Perjamuan suci diadakan sekali sebulan.

Keterangan lebih lanjut bisa diperoleh dari Bapak Lucky Kalonta (kalonta@hotmail.com).


The Glen Waverley Uniting Church welcomes people for whom English is not their first language. Activities such as The Hub, Table Tennis & BadmintonPlay Groups, and English Conversation Classes, provide opportunities for people to practice English in friendly surroundings. Contact the church office office@gwuc.org.au

Special notice for Bilingual English class and Chinese Fellowship. 特别通知

The Bilingual English class and the Chinese Fellowship are in recess until further notice.



Chinese Fellowship 2020 — held every Wednesday from 2:15 pm to 3:00 pm from 04/3/2020 to 28/10/2020.  It aims to introduce Christian faith through various activities and to serve as a social group to support the welfare of the Chinese community.  Our programme includes exercises/praise dancing, hymns, bible reading, reflections, health information, music performances, games and crafts etc.  It will be creative, interactive and lots of fun in a friendly atmosphere.  For details, contact Sheila or Angel through the church office.

中文团契 2020 — 从2020年3 月4日开始, 至2020年10月28日,每周三下午2点15分到3点。我们希望通过各项活动,介绍基督教信仰及作为一个华人的社交群组。活动内容包括运动/讃美操,诗歌,读经,讲道,健康资讯,音乐欣赏,遊戏及手工等。希望在友好的气氛下,进行有创意,互动及欢乐的交流。详情可通过教堂办公室联系 Sheila或 Angel。

Bilingual English Class 2020

—Wednesdays from 1:00 pm to 2:15 pm from 4/3/2020 until 28/10/2020

— for Chinese speakers with limited English

—taught in Mandarin, handouts in English and Chinese

—topics are practical, relating to daily living in Australia

—focus on speaking and reading

—free, run by church volunteers

For enquiries, please contact Sheila or Angel through the church office.

2020 年为华人而设的英语班

— 每周三 下午1点到2点15分,2020年3月4日 至10月28日

— 適合英语欠佳的人士





查询可通过教堂办公室联系 Sheila 或 Angel.

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