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Material Aid Offering – Sunday 8 July
Our material aid offering for July is to help gorillas in the wild by collecting old mobile phones.  These are recycled and funds raised will be donated by Zoos Victoria to support primate conservation.  Next time when your phone rings let it be a reminder that “They’re Calling On You!” PhoneCycle is working with Zoos Victoria to help protect the environment and save gorillas in the wild.

Office Hours – Monday 9 July to Friday 13 July
Heather will be on leave from Monday 9 July to Friday 13 July. During this time Wendy will be in the office each day from 9.30am until 3pm.

Food containers
Several food containers from recent events are in the Lost Property box – please check for yours if you are missing one

On the Wiki 
See the following link for the latest Synod news  http://wiki.gwuc.org.au/gwuc/HeadLines